The Tribal Element

Years ago I was traveling around Australia, going from festival to festival. I was already a collector of stones, however, in order to further fund my travels, I began to sell crystals. Over the years this grew from having a 'back-pack' stall, to running a market stall practically every weekend at various festivals and events across Australia.

I had attempted to make Jewelry before, but hadn't had a great deal of luck. A partner and I sat down one day, and I showed her the way I had attempted to make Jewlery using waxed cord, and she suggested we combined this technique with leather, as we do, and the current style of pendant was born.

My love of crystals led me to learn the art of polishing stones. In particular Australian Opals. This quickly led me down the path of silver smithing.

I am now combining stone polishing, knot work and silver smithing and am excited about what’s currently being produced but also what is to come in the future.

In September 2019 I opened up my own studio and shop front in the lovely town of Uki in Northern New South Wales. I have set the space up to be a collective. I am currently showcasing the work of 15 artists including myself.

If you are ever in the area please do stop in and say hello.

Thank you for visiting The Tribal Element